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Cauliflower PIZZA crust are low carb and gluten free. They are perfect to use when you crave for a healthy fast food.  

17 MIN / 5 MIN

We use the microwave to steam the cauilflower for 7min and the let it cool down before we squeeze the water out. 

Use only the egg white when you mix the cheese and cauliflower together then add your favorite spices for taste. 

17 min for the crust then 5min for the toppings. 

  • 1cup Cauilflower 

  • 1egg 

  • 1/3 cup Cheddar cheese 

  • Add your favorite spices 

Make sure the cauliflower is dry before you mix  

we make sause from our 100% organic tomato

tomato sause 

2 kg tomat 

2 chopped union 

2 tea spoon salt

1  tea spoon suger

Wash and cut the tomatoes, chop the union and heat it for 20 min on low heat. 

Add the warm tomato mix into a mixer for 20 second, then strain it so you get the chunks out. 

Now add it into a boiler and add the salt and suger, low heat to you get a thick pure. 


now you can eat healthy pizza when ever you like