Namlat Brewing

สุนทรียภาพแห่งเบียร์ . Beer Aesthetics

Welcome beer seekers full of quality, story, production, event to the glass you drink. because in your immersion not common So we thought and researched and made the best out of it. Proudly presenting the story in an immersive way.

Our Story

   The story of the quality of beer making who have been preparing for many years but have never done it Crazy to study and let go to pass the time. until the time of crystallization From that time, many years, until the time we really started working, and indeed, even the first time it turned out to be a really delicious beer.

Use of quality raw materials both local and imported to a constant temperature fermentation Cleanliness at the heart of beer making is a habit that we get used to on a regular basis. Every drop in our throat is our strength. We are beer drinkers Because we like to drink with our souls every day.

Meet Ours Beer

Our Beer from our Heart